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Prepare for the biggest job interview of your life. Goal Line Football works with each rookie client to select the best training facility in order to fit that particular client's needs in preparation for the NFL Combine/ Pro-Day and Pre-Draft workouts. We have affiliated ourselves with several of the top training programs to give our clients the best possible options. We believe that every individual is unique when it comes to reaching their goals. What we do as a company is put you in the best possible position to reach your goals, and make it happen for you. Having direct access to our own "in-house" experts, along with our current NFL coaches, former NFL players, team scouts and personnel executives, offers substantial value to our draft eligible client group. 

Goal Line puts together a comprehensive Pre-Draft gameplan based upon each players needs. We are very diligent and selective in our recruitment of players and content to make an investment in the players we believe in. It is Goal Line's belief that a player who only focuses on the training process, will work harder and be able to put all of their energy towards the NFL Scouting Combine/ Collegiate Pro-Days and All-Star games. 

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